Interactive Maps

ARCGIS Map: Please use this link for the new Tuftonboro town wide map. The second way to reach the town map is to navigate to the website “” and then search for the map by the name, “Tuftonboro”. (The search function is in the upper right hand corner.) There will be two results, one of them is for the Mirror Lake Protective Association and the other one is called “Tuftonboro Trial Map”. That is the one you want. On the upper right hand side, there will be a link titled “Open in Map Viewer”. Click that link and the next picture you see will be the town map. In addition, there is a comprehensive PDF file that will help teach you how to get the most of out of the online map. The file is available from this page.

Topics covered in the PDF file are:

Introduction to the ArcGIS viewer

Navigating around the map

Changing the basemap

Searching for an address

Content panel

Layer Transparency

Detailed Information

Measuring area and distance